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Commencement Regalia

Caps and gowns are ordered via the campus bookstore by submitting this order form. Please email the bookstore or call (804) 289-8491 with questions. 

Commencement Attire
Casual business attire is suggested under the gown; please note that it does get warm inside the Robins Center. Shorts, halter tops, etc. are not acceptable. Appropriate shoes should also be worn- please note that black or dark color shoes go best with the black gowns-no bare feet, flip flops, running shoes, etc. Please be careful with high heels as you will be going up and down steps to the stage.

Note: Your academic gown will hang approximately 10" from the floor. Whatever you wear underneath will show below the hem of your gown.

Undergraduate Regalia
  • Black gown
  • Black mortar board
  • Black tassel
Stoles provided for degree/school distinction
  • A&S Bachelor of Arts - white
  • A&S Bachelor of Science - gold
  • BSBA - drab
  • LDSP BA - peacock blue
Additional items obtained through departments/organizations

Thirty-three honor groups and societies, the International Club, one student government organization, and study abroad students have been granted approval for their graduating members to wear special honor cords or medallions during Commencement.

  • Leadership role honors/awards - medals
  • Scholar-athletes - mortar board ribbon
  • Westhampton College - piece of the class flags

Any other items will need to be approved through the commencement coordinator.

Regalia Distribution


School of Law Regalia
  • Black gown
  • Black tam
  • Purple tassel
  • Law hood received during the ceremony
Regalia Distribution

Regalia distribution for law school graduates will take place in in the School of Law on a date yet to be determined.

School of Professional and Continuing Studies Regalia
  • Black gown
  • Black mortar board
  • Black tassel
Bachelor's degree candidates wear a bachelor's gown with no hood, and the appropriate stole:

Bachelor’s certificate candidates: bachelor’s gown with no stole or hood

  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts - white
  • Bachelor of Applied Studies: Information Technology - gold
  • Bachelor of Applied Studies: Emergency Management - peacock blue
  • Bachelor of Applied Studies: Paralegal - purple
  • Bachelor of Applied Studies: Human Resource Management - drab
Master's degree candidates wear a master's gown with no stole, and the appropriate hood:

Post-master's certificate candidates (EDLP): master's gown with no stole or hood

  • Education - light blue
  • Human Resource Management - drab
  • Liberal Arts - white
  • Nonprofit Studies - peacock blue

All other graduate certificate candidates (HRM, NPS, Public History and TLP): bachelor’s gown with no stole or hood

Other academic regalia

Academic regalia from other institutions of higher education and/or other degrees previously awarded will not be permitted to be worn in the ceremony.

Regalia Distribution

School of Professional and Continuing Studies Regalia distribution will take place in Jepson Alumni Center on Friday, 4/27/2018 and Saturday, 4/28/2018.

MBA Regalia
  • Black gown
  • Black mortar board
  • Black tassel
  • MBA hood lined in drab
Regalia Distribution


Graduation Fee

All students who have applied to graduate will be billed a graduation fee. These fees include cap and gown, hood, transcript, and other graduation charges. The fee is:  

  • Bachelor's - $50
  • Master's - $75
  • School of Professional and Continuing Studies - $50
  • Doctoral - $75