Richmond Home



Convenient access to the commencement exercises is provided for those who are able to walk only short distances, have difficulty climbing steps, use a wheelchair, or are in need of special assistance.

Parking for disabled guests is located in the Millhiser Parking lot on the ambulatory level (track side) of the Robins Center. Police will be on hand to assist guests and make the appropriate arrangements.

The full campus accessibility map can be viewed here.

Commencment Sunday Campus Shuttle

As a courtesy for guests this year, we will be providing shuttle transportation on continuous routes throughout campus on Sunday, May 12, from 9:15am – 6pm. Each route to take approximately 15 - 20 minutes depending on traffic. All shuttles are wheelchair accessible. You can view the shuttle map here.


Seating on the upper (ambulatory) level of the Robins Center is available for people with disabilities. One family member may sit with them in this reserved area. Other family members may sit directly behind them in non-handicapped seating. Handicapped seating will be marked by signage located on the seat. Guests in wheelchairs will have spaces available at the corner entrances on the upper (ambulatory) level with excellent visibility.

Please note that we do not provide wheelchairs for guests. Families and friends may rent wheelchairs from local establishments to be used while on campus. The following are provided as a courtesy:

  • Westbury Pharmacy - (804) 288-1882
  • West End Home Health Care - (804) 353-7703
  • Capital Medical - (804) 353-0707


Open captioning will be provided onscreen during Main, School of Law, and SPCS ceremonies.


Our top priority is an enjoyable experience for all of our guests. Please provide ample notice (5 business days) when requesting Commencement accomodations. While every effort will be made, the University may be unable to fulfill last-minute requests.