Important Commencement Reminders

Message from the University 

May 9, 2024

Dear Graduates, Families, and Guests,

We are looking forward to celebrating with you during Commencement weekend at the University of Richmond. Commencement is a time-honored tradition and provides the wonderful opportunity to celebrate not only the hard work and accomplishments of our graduates but to also honor family and friends who have worked so hard to support them.

For our seniors graduating during the main Commencement ceremony on Sunday, many missed their high school graduation ceremonies due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to make sure the ceremony is a joyous and memorable event for all.

We are writing today with important reminders that will allow everyone to enjoy this weekend as we honor and uplift the achievements of our graduating students. Thank you in advance for your support in making Commencement a wonderful experience for everyone.

We ask that you please read this information carefully and share it with those you’ve invited to celebrate this occasion, so they are also aware of these details and expectations.

Thank you in advance.


All Commencement ceremonies are held in the Robins Center Arena.

Late arrivals and reentry will be handled by event staff on a case-by-case basis to minimize disruptions and noise.

The entire area near the Robins Center, including all buildings and parking lots, is closed for Commencement-related events only from Friday, May 10, through Sunday, May 12. Staff will be on-site directing parking for guests.


Each guest for the main Commencement ceremony on Sunday will be required to present their Commencement ticket, which has a unique code and will be scanned by event staff upon entry. Seating in the arena is first-come, first-served.


As with other major events on our campus, security measures are in place to ensure the safety of our community. Officers from the University of Richmond Police Department (URPD) as well as staff from RMC events will be on-site.

Our top priority is a successful event that celebrates the achievements of our extraordinary graduates and the support of their families and friends. 

For that reason, we ask all attendees to show respect for our graduates and avoid conduct that disrupts the ceremony. Any person who disrupts the ceremony, especially if loud or sustained, may be asked to leave, or be removed from the ceremony. Disruptive behavior could include, but is not limited to, stomping, shouting, chanting, and blocking rows, pathways, or exits. We want to ensure all guests can see and hear the ceremony clearly and that no attendees block or disrupt other guests.


As part of a longstanding policy, noise makers (airhorn, cowbells, etc.), signage of any kind, or any other items that would block a person’s view, including large flags and banners, will not be allowed in the Robins Center. This policy applies to all graduates, families, and guests. 

Backpacks as well as outside food or drinks or reusable cups and water bottles are not allowed. Purses and crossbody bags are allowed and subject to a visual inspection.

Flower bouquets are allowed inside the arena; however, any other packages, balloons, gifts, candy, etc. are not permitted.

If you attempt to bring any of these items into the Robins Center, you will be asked to take them back to your vehicle or dispose of them prior to entering the arena. For safety and logistical purposes, we are unable to store items for guests. Signage reminding guests of prohibited items will be posted in each parking lot.


At this point, all graduates should already be in possession of the regalia they will wear during the Commencement ceremony, including cords, sashes, etc. Any additional items must have already been approved by the Regalia Subcommittee. If graduates have not received approval from the Regalia Subcommittee for additional items, we ask that they not wear those items to the Commencement ceremony.

Mortar Board caps are allowed to be decorated, but they must not block another person’s view or have vulgar language, which includes profanity or derogatory terms.

In addition to the information highlighted above, details about each ceremony are available at Graduates will receive more information about check-in and rehearsal from the Commencement team soon.