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Important Reminders - May 9, 2024

Be sure to review these important reminders that will allow everyone to enjoy this weekend as we honor and uplift the achievements of our graduating students.


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  • What time do doors open for guests at the Robins Center?
    Doors will open at 1:00 PM, an hour prior to the ceremony start time. Guests of graduates will not be allowed entry into the Robins Center earlier than this time.
  • What time does the ceremony start? Will I be allowed entry if I’m late?
    The ceremony will start promptly at 2:00 PM. Due to the processional, you will be allowed entry if you are late but may be asked to wait to minimize disruptions. RMC staff or University Staff will assist with reentry. Please be mindful of noise if entering after the ceremony start time.
  • Will reentry be allowed?
    Reentry into Robins Center will be allowed. Please note that if you leave before the ceremony begins or during specific parts of the ceremony, you may be asked to temporarily wait before reentering to minimize disruptions, but you will be allowed reentry.
  • Are tickets required? When will I receive them?
    No tickets are required for the Law ceremony. Tickets will not be issued for this ceremony.
  • Where do I sit? Are there assigned seats?
    Guests can sit on the arena floor in designated guest seating or in the seats available throughout the Robins Center. Seating is not assigned, but there is ample seating for all guests who attend.
  • Are outside food and drinks allowed?
    No outside food or drinks are allowed inside the Robins Center. Reusable cups and water bottles are not allowed inside the Robins Center.
  • Are balloons and other gifts allowed inside the Robins Center?

    Balloons and other gifts (wrapped gifts, food, drinks, etc.) are not allowed inside the Robins Center. We ask you to leave these items at home or in your vehicle for after the ceremony. You will be asked to bring these items back to your vehicle or dispose of them prior to entering the Robins Center. For safety and logistical purposes, we are unable to store items for guests.

  • Are flowers allowed inside the Robins Center?

    Flower bouquets will be allowed inside the Robins Center. Flower bouquets or flower arrangements that have additional items (balloons, candies, etc.) are not permitted.

  • Are noise makers (airhorns, cowbells, etc.) and or graduate signs allowed in the Robins Center?

    We want to ensure all guests are able to see and hear the ceremony clearly and not block or disrupt other guests. No noise markers (airhorn, cowbells, etc.), graduate signs, or other items that would block a person’s view will be allowed in the Robins Center.    

  • Will there be a photographer?

    Yes, there will be photographers at the ceremony. Kim Lee Photography will be capturing the overall ceremony. Grad Images will be taking photographs of graduates. These photos will be available for purchase from Grad Images after the ceremony. Please allow 3-4 weeks for Grad Images to process and post images for purchase. The website will be updated when photos are made available.

  • Will Commencement be livestreamed?

    Yes, the Law Commencement will be live-streamed. The live stream will be located on the website and accessible prior to the ceremony start time. It will then be posted on the website after Commencement weekend. A specific timeline for when the link will be available will be updated on the commencement website closer to the ceremony dates. 

  • Approximately how long is the ceremony?
    Approximately an hour and a half.
  • What if I need additional assistance at Commencement?

    Mobility Assistance: If you need additional assistance in getting from the designated parking lots to the arena entrances, please reach out to for additional assistance.

    Accessible seating is available in the arena; please reach out to for additional information so RMC or University Staff can direct you to seating the day of the ceremony.  

    Audio / Visual Assistance:

    All ceremonies at Robins Center will have live captions and an ASL interpreter present.

    Other Assistance:

    A map of gender-inclusive and single-stall restrooms can be found here.

    A map of accessible paths, buildings, and other areas of campus can be found here.

  • What lodging is available in the University of Richmond area?

    A list of lodging options can be found on the Accommodation page.

  • Are pets allowed at Commencement?

    We do ask you to leave your pets and emotional support animals at home for Commencement. Service animals are allowed.

  • Where can I find a campus map?

    The University of Richmond campus map can be found here. You can utilize the Wayfinding feature to provide directions on how to get to different buildings and parking lots. Printable maps can also be found on the upper right-hand corner dropdown menu.


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